Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Bicycle culture means you go anyway even if it rains


Sailor Girl said...

I only noticed it now!!!

PARABÉNS PELA ADESÃO À COMUNIDADE CDPB!!! Só agora é que me apercebi!!! Ideia fantástica!!! Se passarem pelo Santa Maria Manuela (que está a ser reconstruído para essas bandas, tirem fotos!!!)

Beijinhos aos três!!!!!

Steffe said...

Very true. I was out in the rain myself today on the bike.

pjwilltravel said...

I'm new to your blog. Keep it up :) I read your comment about bike helmets - very interesting. I live near Boise, Idaho, USA -- not many people ride bikes in the USA, unless they are getting exercise, health conscience or is a kid. Even with our gas prices rising beyond belief, people would rather drive (I lived too far from anything to ride my bike, it'd take me 2hrs or longer to get to where I was going). So seeing all the people riding bikes where you live is great. About helmets -- Here if your kid isn't wearing a helmet, you as the parent will get yelled at by other parents. Some cities, its the law for minors. For adults, some do, some don't. I figure I survived just fine as a kid without one.

João Paulo Esperança said...

In some areas of the United States there are cowboys who ride horses while working with cattle. If some city slicker from New York showed up there saying from now on they would have to wear helmets when riding their horses, they would probably just laugh and go on with their business as usual. Well, that’s pretty much the feeling of the folks in my hometown. Bicycle culture is not as strong as it used to be when I was younger, mainly due to consumerism, but for many people here riding a bicycle is not sports or healthy alternative living or a new environmental friendly way of transportation, for then riding a bike is just the normal way of going from Place A to Place B. There are even some old folks that keep going to work in the fields riding a bicycle and carrying their hoe leaning against their shoulder. They would just laugh at you if you wanted them to wear bike helmets or lycra fashion and the likes.